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Tom Sawyer DJ Services

Perfect for weddings, private parties, corporate functions, and special events, I am an Oklahoma City OK wedding DJ that knows exactly what you need for your event to be fun, and the party that your friends will not stop talking about.  By bringing a level of passion and personalization that can only come from someone who LOVES what they do and makes it their purpose to not settle for mediocrity.   


I’ve been a professional Oklahoma City Wedding DJ since 2012, ready to provide the musical ambience needed to create the atmosphere your event requires and that your guests expect!  You can count on me to play the music you love and that your audience wants to hear at the perfect time in the night.


I am one of the few Oklahoma City wedding djs that knows how to mix music and does not rely on my laptop to run the music for the night.  


As the emcee for your special event, I have the poise and the professionalism to be engaging with your guests all while ensuring that your event runs smoothly.  When appropriate also adding my personality into the evening to show your guests this isn’t a “normal, boring event.”


Take a moment, reach out to me via the form at the bottom of this page and see what professionalism, training, passion, personalization and, most of all, FUN can look like at your special event!


Meet Tom

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